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[title size=”2″]Web Design & Advertising For Office Furniture Consultants[/title]

We recently took on a new client, www.wurkspace.net. They came to us a new business with a lot of combined industry experience in commercial office furniture design, delivery and installation.

They knew they were some of the best design consultants in the industry, they just didn’t know how to make themselves ‘look’ like the best.

[title size=”2″]Logo, Website & Brand Messaging Makeover[/title]

So we revamped their website and logo, re-did their marketing lingo and positioned them as a Commercial Office Design & Consulting Industry Leader.

Taking into mind the intelligence of simplicity, new age colors, the current market and a thorough examination of the competition, we have create a whole new image for Wurkspace LLC.

[title size=”2″]Logo & Business Card Design[/title]

Wurkspace Business Card

[title size=”2″]Website Design Office Furniture Consultants[/title]

web design fo

[title size=”2″]PPC Advertising Ad Example[/title]

ppc ad example 2015 office furniture


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