About Residual Rank SEO

seo office residual rankCentrally located in Kansas and specialized in international expansion with Google ranking.

Residual Rank is a PPC & SEO professional leading company offering in-depth experience in IT systems, internet law, SEO and advertising distinguished by recognized performance and proven results in advertising for over 30 countries and over 1200 different business industries.

We offer complete advertising solutions, premium custom reporting and deliver real results for our clients.

“The bitterness of low quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” – Benjamin Franklin


About The Founder – Thomas J

thomas j stinson wichita seo“I worked for large companies like doing SEO for corporate Godaddy.com, manager of PPC/SEO at Biovea.com and owned the best SEO company in Arizona, which sold to a larger SEO company. I moved back to Wichita to be closer to family and over the past year, we have quickly became the #1 ranking SEO company in Wichita, KS.

  • Fewer clients, more personal attention.
  • No cheap automated systems.
  • No SEO/PPC outsourcing.

I believe in being of great value to others and through that success comes naturally.” – Thomas (View me on Linkedin)

Our Brilliant Designer – Ankur Verma

wichita web design“I started designing and fell in love with it when I was a kid. Where some people see a logo, I see a past, a future and a present, I see a personality and the psychology of colors, shapes and images that make up the whole of a larger vision and I bring it all together into a piece of art that drives home that vision.

  • Photoshop genius.
  • Conversion rate design expert.
  • Designed graphics, logos, shirts, hats, and printed products for over 300 businesses.

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Our Genius Developer – Rahul Verma

wichita web development“I’ve designed, developed, and deployed customized web-based solutions for mom-n-pop shops all the way up to multi-million dollar corporations. Working with my brother, Ankur, since we were kids, we have witnessed many businesses become successful through our web development projects.

  • Master of WordPress, PHP, CSS & HTML5 code.
  • Custom designed our own branded WordPress theme.
  • Expert at AJAX, jQuery, and Pure JavaScript.
  • Mobile website and app development expert

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

SEO & PPC Jedi – Nate Wheeler

wichita seoThrough constant, on-going research and hands-on experience, Nate Wheeler has become one of the best SEO consultants there is. Understanding the fluidity of internet marketing and the digital world, he never stops testing and learning to keep up with the latest tactics and best practices.

  • Amazing PPC tactical knowledge.
  • Local Map SEO Expert.
  • Managed SEO, PPC & Accounts for over 1,000 businesses.

“I started in sales, and writing SEO that sells takes more than just book knowledge or college writing degree, it truly is a specialty.” – Nate W

Some Of Our Core Principles & Beliefs

It is rare these days to find people who truly care about the work they do and the effort that they put into the task at hand.  It’s rare to find people who recognize an unfair agreement that’s in their favor, and then make adjustments to it so that both parties are getting an equal amount of benefit based on their value and not just their time.

It’s rare that people aren’t afraid to answer the phone from a customer or person when they know it might mean a hard call or question or mean spending time solving a problem. It’s rare to find people who aren’t all about the money and “What are we getting?” vs “How can we both help each other equally?”.

Dealing with thousands of people and literally over a thousand businesses, we’ve had to learn some lessons the hard way.  These core principles were hammered hard into us over the course of many years as a Web Design and SEO business.

  • Do What We Say We Will – Do exactly what we say we are going to do, every time (if we can’t, we provide a valid reason ahead of time and the task becomes priority)
  • Always Answer – Always answer our phone, never a machine or answering service – We don’t care how busy we are, we are almost NEVER too busy to take a call, big or small, everyone is important (if for some reason we missed a call, we’ll call back immediately)
  • Fair Agreements – Enter into fair agreements; we’ll only enter fair agreements that are clearly outlined and equally beneficial to both sides, never will we accept an agreement where we know my end or the other end is shorter
  • Top Quality Work, Every Time – Do top quality, ‘no stones un-turned’ workmanship for everyone, no exceptions
  • No Cross Compete – We will not cross compete, if you’re our client, we’re going #1 and we’re not taking on anyone else in that same category in the same city, YOU ARE IT, let’s do it!
  • Do What’s Right – Do what we know in my heart is the right thing to do, even if it means telling you that the painstaking time, money and effort you’ve put into a wrong decision needs to be completely redone, even if it means telling you that you are wrong and losing you as a client
  • Stand Our Ground – If what you want isn’t going to work out for your best long term interest, and ego aside.. We know better; and after a discussion with us regarding facts, some common sense, statistics and proof otherwise, and you still decide to do it anyway – you are on your own – any warranties, guarantees and promises of us helping you reach the top are out – We will not participate in your failure, only your success
  • Realize When We Are Wrong – Sometimes we’ll start something and realize a better way, after we already made good headway. We’re not afraid to start over and do it the right away, starting immediately and without ego or complaint; sometimes the client is actually right, or has a good idea, and it was better than ours, we’ll never let ego sway us from changing our mind or being open to new ideas and criticism, no matter how harshly it was delivered
  • Character vs Reputation – Character is what you do when no one is looking, Reputation is what people ‘think you are’.  What we say we are and what you see, is exactly what you get.
  • Resourcefulness – If we can’t do it, we can usually find or know someone who can help get it done, and we keep a small arsenal of people that share most or all of these principles, so no matter what it is, we can usually help

These are the only people we want for clients, if you meet this criteria in your personal and business life, then you’re our kind of people.